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🔵 Small Bud Amnesia 15% THCP: Relaxation and Creativity

🔵 Highly regarded variety, appreciated for its relaxing effect.

🔵 "Small bud": buds concentrated in flavors and effects.

🔵 15% THCP: suitable for both beginners and experienced users.

🔵 Euphoric effect, happiness, and creativity with 15% THCP.

🔵 Deep relaxation, relief from stress and anxiety.

Grammage : 5g
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🟢 Discover the Petite Fleur Amnesia 15% THCP: A Favorite Among Cannabis Enthusiasts

Immerse yourself in the world of Small Bud Amnesia, also known as "Amnesia Haze," a cannabis variety cherished by connoisseurs.

🟢 15% THCP: Relaxation and Creative Awakening Await

This renowned variety stands out with its 15% THCP content, bringing its relaxing effects to the forefront. It becomes your perfect ally when you seek relaxation and tranquility. The term "small bud" refers to the size of the buds of Amnesia Haze. Even though they are smaller than those of other varieties, their potency and effectiveness are in no way diminished. Some enthusiasts even prefer these small treasures for their heightened concentration of flavors and effects. The 15% THCP content in Small Bud Amnesia is considered moderate to high, suitable for both seasoned users and novice explorers. THCP, propyl tetrahydrocannabinol, is a component that contributes to the psychoactive effects of cannabis. At 15% THCP, Small Bud Amnesia can take you into a euphoric and stimulating state, plunging you into bliss and creativity.

🟢 Natural Relaxant: The Undeniable Allure of Small Bud Amnesia

The major allure of Small Bud Amnesia lies in its relaxing effect. Many attest to deep relaxation and serenity after consumption. It can alleviate stress, anxiety, and even mild pains. Some find that it boosts concentration and creativity, making it an excellent choice for artistic activities and social interactions.

🟢 Unique Sensory Profile: Citrus and Earthy Aromas

In terms of taste and scent, Small Bud Amnesia presents a striking profile. It often captivates with its citrus and fruity aromas with an earthy undertone. Although the taste may vary slightly depending on cultivation conditions and phenotypes, the dominant notes are generally sweet and spicy, leaving a delicious imprint on the palate.

🟢 Tailor Your Experience: Various Consumption Paths

Small Bud Amnesia can be enjoyed in various ways. For some, the pleasure lies in a joint or a pipe, allowing them to fully grasp the aromatic nuances. Others prefer vaporization or edible products like infused gummies or pastries.

🟢 Wise Usage: Find Your Optimal Dosage

As with any cannabis product, caution is advised. If you are new to Small Bud Amnesia or cannabis in general, start with a modest dose. Every individual reacts differently, so it is crucial to find the dosage that suits your tolerance and desired effects.

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